About…. the translation

I’ll publish the first chapter (actually chapter 126) when it is finished. I’ll probably finish at Saturday or Sunday this week. It depends on how much time i have at Friday. Right now it’s at 50% and it is a long chapter. So it will still take a while.

Further down is a small teaser of the chapter, so if you want to spoil yourself, just click on “Continue reading “.

[You see, Amanogawa, though i am at fault, i couldn’t hold back. It was a critical moment of whether my lover’s improper appearance was seen by another man. A mens …. eyes should be crushed, don’t you agree?]

[What’s with that “common sense?”, don’t demand for an agreement in that tone. I almost became blind. In the first place, how can you tell the fake apart? Setting aside the real thing, when i think about how i tasted the pain because of the impostor…… I’m really angry.]

[You are foolish. Comparing your eyesight with Yue’s half-nakedness….. is like putting a stone from the roadside with a high-class jewel on a scale.]

[My eyes aren’t roadside stones!]


2 thoughts on “About…. the translation

    • I’ll post the chapter probably today if nothing goes wrong. It’s at 90% so i need only like 15 min more work on it and check my grammar.
      For me it’s today, for you it may be tomorrow.


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