About the future~

About future translations

I finished editing chapter 126 and there should be fewer mistakes in it now. Checked some of the translated phrases and i hope it’s accurate enough.

For now i am waiting till i get a response from the Japtem-team. I asked them if i could translate Arifureta further as it is their project. If they don’t mind me doing it, then I’ll translate it further. If i don’t get an answer till Wednesday i’ll translate it till they say i should stop. Well.., Endo’s translations are better than mine, so i wouldn’t really mind stopping, but i really would like to help out a bit. I don’t really want to get into his way so i started after the googledocs translation of chapter 100-125.

I am planning to (hopefully) release at least one chapter per week. I can’t promise it though as the chapters are like 3 to 4 times longer than other webnovels and sometimes RL gets in the way. The next one would be chapter 127.

That’s about it. If something happens I’ll make a post here.


5 thoughts on “About the future~

  1. thanks for translation and I wish you luck for the future.
    Hope everything will go well with japtem who is doing an amazing job (but more translation per week are a blessing for the leecher I am).


    • We will see what happens. I hope they don’t have anything against me translating it. Well, if they do, i’ll look for another series to translate. There are enough good novels that remain untranslated.


  2. Hey there..
    Thanks for the translation.Oh, and for Endo, he say that he’ll drop/stop translating after chapter 100 ’cause there’s someone that already TLing the chap ’till 125 and I don’t know whether he’ll be continue or not, so please just continue TLing this novel..


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