I believe that’s all

I finished creating my page to publish my translations. All links till my translations were added. Won’t add the summaries after that as I plan to continue translating either way. Edited some things here and there and I believe I did everything. If, in some cases, a link is broken or wrong, just tell me, I’ll try to replace it as fast as possible.
Right now, I am thinking of adding another Novel as a side project. Not sure what yet, but I think it should be a short one, because Arifureta is pretty long and I want to release at least one chapter per week. You can suggest some Novels in the comments if you find an interesting one. Should I like it, i’ll translate it.
As for the next chapter (128), I don’t have too much time this week, so I won’t be able to finish another chapter. I’ll probably finish next week at Saturday or Sunday.
That’s all I wanted to say. Wish you a happy week and I’ll probably die because having RL sucks. Need to finish 3 assignments…. Have a nice day for me, because I won’t have one.

5 thoughts on “I believe that’s all

    • That won’t probably be possible timewise right now. All i could manage would be 1 + 1/2 chapter a week. So i decided to pick up a side series and release 1 Arifureta chapter with 1-3 chapters of the side series. When i get to some holidays i probably could manage somehow. The author himself releases one chapter per week. You must see…. Other translators have shorter series and can manage 5 or more chapters per week while Arifureta alone is as long as 4-5 Chapters of other Webnovels. So it will be pretty impossible to catch up to the author alone.


    • Not really. Read it a bit and it’s only a programm that uses multiple online tl-machines and doesn’t even use ATLAS to translate, so it would rather lower my quality as japanese novels are harder to translate with tl-machines. I translate every paragraph per hand and only use the tl-machines (better said Translator Aggregator) to check if i translated it right. My english sounds a bit stiff as i learned it in school so bear that in mind.
      Still, thank you for your input on that matter.


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