Sorry~ Not an Arifureta Chapter. Just some News

I decided to start translating another novel as translating only Arifureta will only wear me out. (Chapters freaking long).

It’s this one:

Read more of it on:

Many will probably say “Why did you pick it up????”, “We want more Arifureta.”, “Mimimi.”. The thing is: You will still get the same amount of Arifureta. It’s ONLY a side project. I do plan to translate it for a while. It’s somehow promising (I believe and hope at least). The chapters are short, so I guess 1-3 chapters per week will be manageable.

Also “Chuck Norris” wanted to tell me to use a TL-Machine to “make my quality better”. Well, it would help out to TL, but it will probably be shitty. How shitty? I’ll show you with the following screenshot. And yes, I do work with 2 monitors.

Featured image

Would I use the TL-Machines completely I would get things like “It’s notVMB? Yes believe it or not” rather than “Isn’t thisVMB? No, that’s impossible.” from this one line VMBじゃない? いやまさか」. And that’s still a “not too bad of an example.” Long sentences just become things i can’t show to the public eye. I believe my own translation without the TL-Machine sounds a bit better. I do have it and check my translations with it, but…. Translating only with TL-Machines will only give out either gibberish or really, really, really strange translations. So I am trying not to use it as much as possible. That’s why i may take longer than others. Now that’s out of the way…… After I get the first chapter done of “Manuke FPS” I’ll start working on the next chapter of Arifureta. Do not have any expectations. Won’t be able to finish that fast. Have a nice day~

Edit: Forgot to say it. Got an answer from Japtem. They have no problems with me translating Arifureta as Endo will stop after chapter 100. So i am more than welcome to translate it.


10 thoughts on “Sorry~ Not an Arifureta Chapter. Just some News

    • I may go over the chapters some day. Check how far the translations on googledocs are accurate and i may change or retranslate them. For now i believe they are fine to get a rought guess what the chapters are about. Also YOU can contact me on steam~ ya know I am almost 99% online on steam when i am home.

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