Chapter may get delayed~ I’m sorry for not being stupid

To make it short:

I’m sorry. I caught a cold or something. It’s not too bad as I can still somehow work, but a headache is not really good for translating. I wanted to finish the next chapter today, but the progress is…. slow.

If I only were born an idiot…. Maybe I’ll still be able to finish it, but only if I’m able to work on it. Well, Monday is a holiday here, so the latest would be probably Monday should I get better.

That’s all for now. I wish you a happy weekend.


13 thoughts on “Chapter may get delayed~ I’m sorry for not being stupid

    • Let’s be honest here. If a cute imouto like that would “take care of you”, would you be able to say “no” to that? I wouldn’t. Even if it meant to lose my “other” virginity.

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    • Right now i’m taking a break to “not make it worse”. Still, i’m trying to translate at least a part of it. I would love to translate at least half of the chapter today…….


  1. y’now, cuz of my coughing and cold became worsed few weeks ago, I strated added leeks as topping in EVERY meal I had. Especially noodles. 😀

    and I aint neva’ put dat thin’ in mah ass. Ever. 🙂


  2. Even though i’m half dead i did about 20% already. My pills are stopping working so i won’t push myself now. Somehow i’m not progressing too fast today. Well~ At least it’s something. I want to translate a bit further, but a “friend” (if i could i would call him asshole) wants me to look over our work assignment now. As if it couldn’t wait till tomorrow…. Seriously, he’s too serious sometimes. And, even though i’m a fully grown man, i get scolded by not staying in bed by my parents. So i guess i’ll stop for today. I’ll try to finish in the next few days.


    • It’s not only a headache. The headache is only giving the most problems while translating as i can’t really concentrate and mix up the words. Running nose + teary eyes are bad, but to a degree pretty manageable.


    • I’m dying over here. Somehow i managed to translate about 50% of the chapter while working in small steps. Translating for 10-15 min and resting for 1-2 hours. Since the morning i’m having a fever and sweating like crazy. Need some magic for such situations. Seriously. Give me reproduction magic Ziru-sama. Would even clear a dungeon for that.


        • 再生魔法
          I call it “Reproduction Magic” rather than “Regeneration Magic”. As it can restore everything. Even wounds. That’s why it’s more like reproduction than regeneration.
          Now will you give it to me? Come on. Plx? That way i can work on the chapter properly. Now i’m going to sleep (again) i guess. It’s 3 am here. Will probably be awake in 8 hours or so. Then I’ll try to finish the chapter.


          • Restoration Magic! *puts on concentration face*

            “Emperor of Life. Pity this one and bequeath thy blessing on those who would help thy cause! Absolute Restore!”

            …. *fizzle* … Not strong enough for emperor-class!

            “Spirits of Life. Lend aid to this one’s allies, so that they may continue on! Restore Vitality!”

            …. ❤


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