Manuke FPS – Chapter 2

Sorry for the delay. Now i present you the 2nd chapter of “When a Stupid FPS Player Falls to Another World“. This series has no chapter titles btw.


Translated by Dura(-sama)

Edited by Nemesis

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Sorry that there weren’t any chapters. Still working on Arifureta. Many of you may have read it already that I let someone else translate it. The translation is fine in itself, but most of it sounds pretty strange like it was done by a machine so i don’t want to release it yet. Can’t accept a bad sounding translation, that’s just my way. I like to have at least a decent quality even if it takes longer. So i decided to give you small a small update on everything.

– Arifureta next chapter will be finished probably soon. Can’t tell when yet. Too busy at the moment.

– Manuke FPS chapter 2. It’s at 50% so i need only a bit of work, but somehow am not motivated enough to finish it. Chapter 3&4 are done and only need a bit of editing done, but I won’t release them without chapter 2. So it will probably be a 3 chapter release at once when finished.

– I can’t post my Arifureta progress on reddit like some people asked me to. They have a policy of not posting chapters if not everything before them is translated. So as long as Endo hasn’t translated everything you need to stalk this site. I would recommend you to follow me. Easiest way to know if there are any new chapters, rather than spamming f5. Really, stop spamming f5. That’s not good for you and your keyboard.

– I am still hoping some people with skill are able to help out translating. It will make everything easier for me. Another editor would be fine too. You are welcome to apply. I do not mind teaching new people some things.

– I like you guys. Got more than 60 followers already and a decent amount of views. Never expected this much for this small amount.

That’s pretty much it. Hope you guys don’t lose yourself in the gamesales going on right now. Btw. You should play Grisaia no Kajitsu if you haven’t done so already. It’s on steam without the H-scenes. (I shouldn’t advertise, I know. But the game is awesome. Played it already some time ago and would still do it again!)

See ya next time~

Informations – just because i like you (maybe?)

Some of you may have noticed, I got a translator on board. He is in charge of chapter 129. I will check his translations and edit it if needed so the chapter may come out maybe Monday or Tuesday. After all, i need to be sure that the quality is fine.
Manuke FPS is somehow not going forward very well. Somehow I translate one paragraph, then stop for 15 min, do another one and stop. Well, don’t have more time today, so i won’t be able to finish now. Will try Friday/Saturday.
Also I started a poll for something. I probably will do my own thing either way, but I still want to hear your opinions. I won’t translate chapters 94-100. That will stay Endo’s job. It was his project and he should be able to stop at the point he wanted to. I respect him, because he was able to translate it for so long. Here is what I want to know: