Next chapter is done soon I guess?

Small update post for you guys.

I have completed the next chapter. Great right? No. You need to wait till the editor is done. It would have been done a little bit earlier if children weren’t coming over every 10 min asking for sweets. Halloween isn’t even that popular in Germany….. wtf. I will start doing the next chapter tomorrow already, hopefully finishing it at friday or saturday. Then giving it to my editor and waiting again. I have some exercises to do tomorrow so maybe 1 hours of translating only.

Btw. I do like translating, but working too long makes me angry. Now it’s 00:10 in Germany. (Even a bit later when the post is released) I could probably finish the chapter myself, but splitting it up makes more sense so that I can work on the next one earlier.

And btw². I had the chapter since 3 weeks or longer, but as it wasn’t tl’d by me I wanted to check it completely. I lost progress once as I was doing it at my aunt’s place and she somehow deleted it and I needed to start from scratch. So that is one of the reasons why it has come so late now. My motivation went down to the toilet that day and it took some time to recover. 😀

Now let me die in peace and in a piece.

See ya next time~

P.S. I hate Halloween from today on.


17 thoughts on “Next chapter is done soon I guess?

      • It has now been 88 Days since ANYTHING has been done and 19 days since making any updates. It would be better if he dropped it at this point. I can roll off the name of translating teams that do a much better job than this. If someone offered to fix my fence for free, and then sat around for 88 days and did nothing, I would still fire them and look for someone else. Maybe he should get on with this life that is taking up so much time and drop this project.


      • Yeah, what jaklcide – dono said. You seriously want to keep going on that belief of yours? If it’s already translated but needs editing and editor is cluck who knows where his been holing till now, I would be pissed off waiting by then. If I had a rough draft all this time and got hundreds and not thousands of reader, I could’ve posted it be then and let them edit it for me through the comments. He could also just “MAYBE” asked the readers for volunteer editors.


      • Also Dura – shube here claims he’s the one responsible for bringing Chapter 125 and what not but fails to do Chapter 94 and stuff? If that doesn’t shout anything to you then you’re seriously dense. More dense than my favorite avatar person. He’s just messing with all you guys. You could’ve used those 88 days learning to read Japanese (I learned it in 2 months time).


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