Bla bla bla Stuff

Bla bla bla humans bla bla bla.

I was fucking overworking myself the last 2 weeks and this week does not seem any better. I want to chill out a little too as any human being. But well. To make it up for now, I will shedule the next chapter to be released on my birthday 02.12.2015 10:00 UTC+1. That would be like 18:00 in Japan. I will try to fix it up, but I won’t promise anything perfect. I am just too stressed out to deal with stuff atm. At least I will release it. And no. This is not a promise. As long as wordpress does not fuck up or anything, then the chapter will be released on my birthday. That is my present to you guys who are NOT spamming my comments with “where is the chapter” or “FUCK YOU”.

Everybody else can go to hell.

Have a nice day~