Arifureta 94

Translator: Gamings, Dura & some others I tried to test, but have no real nicknames and I can’t contact them anymore so whatever.

Editor: Nemesis

A thank you to:

Ignacio R. F. for a donation. You can donate, but I won’t do sponsored chapters. Remember this <3.

I hate people spamming my comments with “where is the chapter”. Also “this guys cannot read japanese and only trolls everybody” is also one kind of a comment that is just stupid.

For the normal humans here, I present you, with a 4 week delay because of reasons, chapter 94.

I will properly update the chapter when I am back. This is the half finished work. It’s done on googledrive, but I can’t do stuff on my phone.

Also. New wordpress sucks. Btw. I hid the Link in the TOC before posting the chapter buahahaha.

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