News, because I told so.

Meh. 2 days late writing this meh. It’s 3 am. Meh. I hate Uni. Meh.

So first of all:

I reached 1 million views. YAY! Actually 1.1 millions, but who cares. I completly forgot about this. You can see the counter on the sidebar now.

Now my next point:

People never change. I tell them to not ask the whole time & to stop asking when a new chapter comes out and they still do. Spoilers in the comments are even worse. I don’t check everything, so please. Just stop. It’s useless. It does not make me work harder. It just pisses me off a bit, reading the same stuff over and over and over. The best thing was when somebody was asking about a chapter I already realesed. Ok. Nothing more to add here.

Now the next point on the list:

People asked me IF they may translate. I checked their english skills. Some of them were bad. Really bad. I won’t call out names, because that would be bad. And some decided to join other people or stuff like that, frankly said, because a Arifureta Chapter is LONG. The shortest chapters are at least 15 pages and on average it’s 20 pages. Other novels have like 4-5 Pages of Moonrunes. We have 3-5 times as much. Translating a chapter takes a while. Also editing. I don’t know HOW many times I’ve said this. And NO. I won’t start reqruiting people who can only barely translate with a MTL. That would probably ruin the novel and my mood. TL-checking and Editing takes more time than translating as you may sometimes go brainafk while translating. I really don’t want sentences which sound worse than broken english.

Most important thing:

-Why u no chapter during the Winterbreak, but somebody else?

Well. To be honest. My powersource stopped working so my PC was dead. Amazone took too long to deliver a new one. So I wasn’t able to work on a chapter. Doing it on a phone is impossible to me. I tried. One sentence and it was over. I hate to type on the phone. Worst thing ever. I miss the old Nokia times. You COULD kill a person with the phone while typing a message with one hand. And btw. He just started it on his own and sent me the chapters. After I could use my PC and mailed with him. He will help me out with the chapters for a while.

So what’s next? Ah right. Doing some adming stuff on the page which I will not be able to do till Saturday. Need to do some minor changes to the chapters. Btw. Want some recommendations for novels or stuff like that from me? If so I may add a Page for that stuff. I have quite a lot of novels I think they are good.
I think that’s all.

Praise the Sun.

Have a nice day~

NO! SUNBRO AWAY FROM THE CORNER. DO NOT LET THE TRAGEDY OF BELLFRY REPEAT….. and he rolled off. [Joke for some people. And yes. True story. Don’t worry- Play Dark Souls.]