About me & this blog

I am just a random university student. I know a little japanese and want to try to translate a bit. My first works will probably not be the best, but bear with me. I’ll get better in time. I do it mainly for self-satisfaction and to get better at japanese.

I am not a native english speaker, but i believe my english is good enough. I speak german, polish, english, french and of course a little japanese. So I’ll understand most terminologies as japanese writers like to use german skillnames/words for whatever reason. Still, even if i speak and understand those languages, please use english on this blog in comments.

I enjoy reading japanese novels, but not really writing. The same is with translating. I can only translate when i have the time for it and am motivated to do it. So the releases won’t be regular most of the time.

For now i want to translate the later chapters of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou. I am starting at chapter 126 of the Webnovel:  Raw Novel.

You can read the first chapters at Japtem. Other things like summaries and other translations can be found at: Arifureta ToC.

Also you can discuss the Novel on the Animesuki Forum.

If you want to contact me, just add me on Steam. My Steamprofile

On reddit i am now “durasama“.


37 thoughts on “About me & this blog

  1. Thank you for your hard work and also I have like an unfair request by me if you can translate the chapter 152 which they say is the saddest story where the team are starting Hajime before the now in the cave the abyss


    • The abyss part was translated by someone on the animesuki forum.
      I know how people want me to translate some “special” chapters, but it would be strange to just translate the chapter. You are not the only one who asked me.
      I won’t give you a definite answer. For this week and the next one i’m pretty booked. If i would do the chapter this week, i would not have enough time for another one, so i can at least say “impossible right now”.
      For now… let’s say maybe.


  2. Oh how much I love you for your work !
    Thanks a lot for translating Arifureta (I though I would never read it ’cause Japtem doesn’t have a fixed schedule anymore) !!!!
    Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! I don’t know anything in Japanese so thank you for your work !
    Because I don’t know Japanese I’m looking for people who know it to translate this novel (https://aflappyteddybird.wordpress.com/), do you think you could add it to your work in the future ? I think they dropped it ’cause it hasn’t been updated in a while. 😦
    P.S.: Thank you again and sorry if I did mistakes in this comment I’m french.


    • If i had another translator i would consider adding another series with 1 chapter weekly or something.

      Right now i am an one man army with almost no time as school stuff keeps popping up like popcorn. I have like 2-3 hours daylie which i spend doing stupid assignments. Spending all day on campus with 2-3 hours of work at home almost every day makes me pretty tired. If i would sqeeze some time out somewhere… then maybe?

      For now, maybe they will translate it further or somebody else will pick it up. Like i randomly picked up Arifureta. Also just picking it up would be rude, so i would need to contact them…. So right now i won’t pick it up at least as time is precious for me right now and Arifureta has the highest priority.

      Btw. I also don’t have a real fixed shedule. I just try to release an Arifureta chapter every 7~10 days.


  3. Two news one good news and one bad. the good news is that the first volume of the light novel Arifureta.came out.
    and the bad news is that we have entered the final arc of the series in the web novel


  4. I am sorry this has nothing to do with your translation’s those are great but I wanted to know want anime that image is from the one with the girl holding the green onion


        • No prob. Btw. IF you like to read and watch animated stuff, then how about some VNs? G-Senjou no Mau, Grisaia no Kajutsu, Utawaremono, Kamodori, Hoshizora no Memoria, Comyu and many more on my list are great novels, some even translated in english and some coming out soon in english. Some are also on steam if you want to support the producers in some way. If you want to know some more names, just tell me. I’ve played a lot of them.


          • No i never tried a VN before i had to look it up to know what you meant. Sorry complete newbie when it comes to that. From what i have seen looks good i will defiantly look into those names you gave. Its been awhile since i longed into my steam account but i will start there when i get off today. Thanks again for the info very helpful may have to ask you again later ifs thats cool but for now have a good day.


  5. durasama I would just like to offer myself to be some kind of grammar checker(I don’t know what position that is so I just used grammar checker) for arifureta, though it seems like you don’t need one from what I read. I also don’t know how much this would help…
    I think that my English is above average, and this would be the first time I offered to help for a WN/LN translation.
    The reasons why I offered are because:
    1. I feel lazy sometimes since I don’t have anything to do
    2. I love Arifureta 😀
    though there’s another reason… I would like to keep that to myself :’D
    I am from the Philippines btw


  6. question, from what i was told 93-99 are summary’s, i think instead of going to the 120+ fixing them would be a better idea, that way if you want to reread it you wouldn’t have to be stuck with a summary


  7. Hi durasama,
    If you’re still lokoking for editors/proofreaders, please let me know.
    I’m from Australia and English is our primary languuage here, so i can help you out in that area.
    As for experience, I’m currently proofreading a chinese wuxia novel titled “I shall seal the heaven” with two other PRs. You can read it at http://www.wuxiaworld.com



  8. I can do American English syntax and grammar editing, I have been doing as a hobby for a few months and have been formatting them to be compatible with e-readers (my own convenience). I have a lot of free time to do it, so if you would like some help you can drop me a line some time. Samples of my work upon request.


  9. Ummm… would you mind deleting the comment posted on FEBRUARY 12, 2016 AT 7:00 AM. I used the wrong account by mistake….. forgot to switch


  10. The image caught my attention. I love Blue Rose, it relaxes me, it also has another meaning to me. It symbolizes sincere love and infinity. I don’t know but that is how I appreciate blue roses. Also the girl holding the Blue Rose, it really touches my heart.. The emotions in the image is very brilliant. I love it. Can I ask? for you what is the image stands for? Thank you 🙂


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