Arifureta ToC

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

(From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World)

Arifureta ToC
and also from
Google Docs

Volumes/Arcs going by the Webnovel:
Arc 1: Chapter 0 – Chapter 26
Arc 2: Chapter 27 – Chapter 49
Arc 3: Chapter 50 – Chapter 81
Arc 4: Chapter 82 – Chapter 111
Arc 5: Chapter 112 – Chapter 121
Arc 6: Chapter 122 – Chapter 136
Arc 7: Chapter 137 – Chapter 153
Arc 8: Chapter 154 – ongoing

Table of Content:

From Japtem:
Chapter 0 : Prologue
Chapter 1 : Summoned to a Different World
Chapter 2 : Status Plate
Chapter 3 : Bullying the Weakest
Chapter 4 : A Chat Under the Moonlight
Chapter 5 : Trap
Chapter 6 : Behemoth
Chapter 7 : Wretched Malice
Chapter 8 : Abyss
Chapter 9 : Complete Change
Chapter 10 : Weapon Creation
Chapter 11 : Subjugation of an Arch-Nemesis
Chapter 12 : Despair and Decisions (Classmate Side 1)
Chapter 13 : Path of Escape
Chapter 14 : The Sealed Room in the Abyss
Chapter 15 : Cheater rather than a Hero
Chapter 16 : Demon of the Sealed Room
Chapter 17 : Chat at Ease
Chapter 18 : Second Nightmare (Classmate Side 2 Part I)
Chapter 19 : Beyond the Past (Classmate Side 2 Part II)
Chapter 20 : A Partner’s Abilities
Chapter 21 : The Guardian of the Depths
Chapter 22 : Abode of Traitors
Chapter 23 : True History
Chapter 24 : Departure
Chapter 25 : The Empire and the Heroes (Classmate Side 3 Part I)
Chapter 26 : The Empire and the Heroes (Classmate Side 3 Part II)
Chapter 27 : Raisen Grand Canyon and the Miserable Rabbit
Chapter 28 : Shia Haulia’s Circumstances
Chapter 29 : Contract Completed
Chapter 30 : Haulia Tribe and Encounter
Chapter 31 : Empire’s Soldiers
Chapter 32 : Shia’s Feelings and Haltina, Sea of Trees
Chapter 33 : Haulia was Shameless as Expected
Chapter 34 : Elders’ Conference
Chapter 35 : The Only Way to Survive
Chapter 36 : Shia, Grand Battle of One’s Lifetime
Chapter 37 : Haulia’s Sudden Change
Chapter 38 : Hajime’s Failure
Chapter 39 : The Great Tree’s Secret
Chapter 40 : In Brook Town I
Chapter 41 : In Brook Town II
Chapter 42 : In Brook Town III
Chapter 43 : Great Dungeon of Raisen?
Chapter 44 : Miledi Raisen I
Chapter 45 : Miledi Raisen II
Chapter 46 : Miledi Raisen III
Chapter 47 : The Person Inside the Golem
Chapter 48 : Raisen Great Dungeon and The Last Trial
Chapter 49 : You did well
Chapter 50 : Ai-chan’s Bodyguards
Chapter 51 : Once Again, In Brook Town
Chapter 52 : Adventurer-like Work
Chapter 53 : Adventurers Guild, Fhu-ren Branch
Chapter 54 : Branch Head’s Request
Chapter 55 : Reunion at Lakeside Town
Chapter 56 : Aiko’s Worries
Chapter 57 : Northern Mountain Range Area
Chapter 58 : Black Dragon Subjugation?
Chapter 59 : Tio Clarce
Chapter 60 : Sensei’s Talk
Chapter 61 : Goddess Advent?
Chapter 62 : Ul Town’s Trampling Drama
Chapter 63 : Undesired Result
Chapter 64 : Inside the Returning Vehicle
Chapter 65 : Aiko Gone Mad
Chapter 66 : Once Again in Fhuren
Chapter 67 : Hajime becomes a Papa I
Chapter 68 : Hajime becomes a Papa II
Chapter 69 : Hajime becomes a Papa III
Chapter 70 : An Abnormal Situation
Chapter 71 : Versus Demon Race I
Chapter 72 : Versus Demon Race II
Chapter 73 : Even a Mob-character Has Things It Can Do
Chapter 74 : The Nostalgic Holad
Chapter 75 : To Accomplish One’s Obligation
Chapter 76 : The Hero’s Defeat
Chapter 77 : Accompanied By A Red Thunder
Chapter 78 : The Peerless Incompetent
Chapter 79 : The This and That After the Reunion
Chapter 80 : Declaration of War
Chapter 81 : Madness and Jealousy
Chapter 82 : Aiko’s Disappearance
Chapter 83 : Immediate Trouble in the Great Desert
Chapter 84 : Dukedom of Ancadi
Chapter 85 : The Thing Lurking in the Oasis
Chapter 86 : Guryuu-en Great Volcano
Chapter 87 : The Last Trial is Easy?
Chapter 88 : The User of Age of Gods Magic
Chapter 89 : Inside the Scorching Heat
Chapter 90 : A Girl Fell From the Sky, the MC’s Daughter in this Case
Chapter 91 : Mother and Daughter’s Reunion
Chapter 92 : Meljeene Bottom Sea Ruin
Chapter 93 : Inferiority Complex

Summaries from Chapter 96-99

Chapter 96
Chapter 97
Chapter 98
Chapter 99


Translations of Chapters 94-99

Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Chapter 96
Translated Chapters 99-124 on Google Docs:

(There is a mistake with the Numbers of the Chapters. So don’t get confused with the docs.)
Chapter 99: The Apostle’s Raid, and The Kings Capital is Invaded
Chapter 100: Matchless Shia
Chapter 101: Matchless Yue
Chapter 102: God’s Apostle, Nointo
Chapter 103: The Angel That Fell
Chapter 104: God’s Mountain
Chapter 105: Betrayal
Chapter 106: Light of Condemnation
Chapter 107: Later in the Kingdom
Chapter 108: Chatting Events of a Single Day -First-
Chapter 109: Chating Events of a Single Day -Second-
Chapter 110: Chatting Events of a Single Day -Third-
Chapter 111: Those guys once again
Chapter 112: Dere Period
Chapter 113: Imperial Capital
Chapter 114: Don’t Fret, It’s the Hauria
Chapter 115: Gung Ho Once Again
Chapter 116: Imperial Castle – Beginning
Chapter 117: Imperial Castle – Later
Chapter 118: Party of Welcome and Engagement
Chapter 119: Hauria VS. Emperor -First Part-
Chapter 120: Hauria VS. Emperor -Later-
Chapter 121: Character Introduction (Statusplates)
Chapter 122: Transporting the Demi-humans
Chapter 123: Night of Fair Bergen
Chapter 124: Imitation

Here starts my own translation:
Chapter 125: Even if the Appearance Changes
Chapter 126: The Pseudo-Trent
Chapter 127: Ideal World
Chapter 128: Immediate Awekening


375 thoughts on “Arifureta ToC

    • You wouldnt be so thankful if you noticed that the last chapter (129) was posted in august of 2015 and his last sign of life was in january 13… Your average translator uploads a chapter every week, maybe every 2 weeks but sometimes uploading 2 at a time. This guy didnt even retire properly, he/she plainly dissapeared.

      If you want to thank someone, then thank Japtem. Durasama only translated 4 chapters… out of 129.


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  2. Only recently descovered this novel, got hooked by the 6th chapter and now after several weeks I find out that it’s been dropped. I just want to drop down and cry. I mean after I spent my time reading it till now and I can’t continue.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. um I heard here was where the story was continued but not sure where to start. I was reading on Japtem and according to my bookmark it says vol 10 ch 4 so I have no idea if the translator continued or started posting from the beginning. So if someone could tell me the deal I would appreciate it.


    • Well seeing as Japtem’s “Vol 10 Chapter 3” is posted here as Chapter 93, I would assume that you are looking for “Chapter 94” on the list here.
      Hope this helps!


  4. I’ve started to try some translations. I can’t promise fast updates… but it beats nothing.



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  6. FINALLY FINISHED!! I somehow survived straight down to the end through strong will and perseverance. But it was all worth it for that ending that made me shed a couple man-tears. Ahh I feel so blissful right now. Welp, time to get started on those after stories. Truly fantastic novel! X)


  7. I swear this is probably the worst garbage I’ve ever read, I mean the only reason I read this was because I already invested time into the first 3 arcs but it just really went downhill when the mc started becoming coldsteel the hedgehog tier edgy. I mean honestly, it’d be far more realistic if he went insane after being dropped down that hole and being almost eaten alive etc etc and it could’ve made a more interesting story. I have no idea what japan loves about these edgy dark heroes, I mean yeah some can be fun but now it’s just such an overused and tired trope and with the author’s terrible writing this was just shit. And honestly don’t get me started on the harem because I have yet to see one likable girl, they’re all either annoying or pants on head retarded. Quite frankly this is basically just some neet’s powerfantasy and it really shows in the writing, I’d honestly request the translators to drop this and pick up something a bit less overused but I see many weebs have been enjoying the self insertion of the mc so I’ll have to refrain. Overall terrible and I would only recommend this if you’re interested in bland harems, overused powerleveling, rushed character development and just generally unlikable characters


    • Why don’t you go write ur own novel then, see how many people like it. Don’t call the novel trash just cuz it doesn’t appeal to ur preferences. I legit can’t find any means to agree with anything you just said. I think everyone else would agree that the Over-righteous hero type MC whose full of light, rainbows and friendship and all that crap is the setting that’s way too overused and cringy to read about at this point. But hey, if that’s ur cup of tea then kudos to you, don’t come here and spew garbage with Kouki’s dick on ur breath. Bland harems? Do you prefer those harems where everybody has feelings but nobody confesses and nothing gets resolved cuz MC so unrealistically dense? None of what you say is making any sense to me. Why are you even here if you don’t like these genres of writing? Everybody else is enjoying the story and waiting for updates while you’re over here being a cynical dick.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh wow, if you’re gonna pull the whole “why are you even here?” argument then I can firstly say that I already stated why I was here and also I can throw it right back at you as “Why are you even replying to me? If you don’t like it, don’t read it”. But anyways moving on, first of all I never said I liked those dense happy-go-lucky MCs, in my opinion they’re also bland and a tired trope, but compared to edgelords they are far more preferable. Liking harems? AHAHA WOW, in my opinion, most if not all harems are garbage, unless it’s for irony or merely for a comedy sketch. Harems in general are just lazy ass writing meant to draw your attention away from the terrible story by trying to satisfy your dick. If you actually want to know my preferences instead of guessing them like you have so far, I prefer multiple genres from horror and action to SoL and romance, I picked up this novel because it seemed promising from an action/fantasy light novel stand point, but the writing killed it. So what I really love is a good, well planned plot, characters which are well developed and good world building. I mean I could even handle a harem if it met those three requirements because it shows that the author is not only a good writer, but can also pander to the audience, and I respect that. Arifureta however, meets none of those requirements, the plot seems thrown together, like the author only had a rough idea of how the story was supposed to go so they threw a bunch of stuff together to make it happen, the characters are rushed with whatever development they have and the world building is mostly just vague overviews with a few places explained in detail as the barebones. What struck me a lot especially with earlier chapters was that nothing really happened unless one of the main characters was there, like time had stayed still until either MC-kun shows up or one of the other characters they give the perspective of, and then when they do show up, the author just says “oh this happened, and also this is the reason why” and MC-kun or the others leave, time just stands still with little to no insight or development of what happened afterwards. But, please continue to argue more using lame insults, assuming my likes and dislikes (wrongly for that matter lol) and actually not leaving any point on why you think Arifureta is any good, you sure convinced me m8!


        • Whatever man, all I’m gonna say is don’t go and throw such critique when you haven’t read the whole thing or anywhere past what’s been translated so far. It’s like you’re sucking on the outside of a peanut butter cup and spit it out after a few seconds thinking, “meh, just plain old chocolate”. What good author explains everything right from the get-go and has the reader reading along while predicting almost everything that’s gonna happen and leaving nothing to the imagination? All the bits and pieces usually come together during the main conflict which is what happened in this case, but you probably wouldn’t know that. And yes the author does go deeper into the background of many of the key characters as well as enemies later down the line while also tying together the key aspects of the main plot. I could come here and start throwing out spoilers but then I would just be doing what a bad author would do.
          Idk, maybe you prefer it when the main villain is introduce right at the front and spouts his diabolical plan while cackling maniacally.


          • I guess you didn’t understand what I said or you’re just choosing the easiest path to make your argument but anyways I’ll go on. Firstly you’re once again limiting my meaning, just because I said that this “writing style A” is bad doesn’t mean I like “writing style B”. And while you didn’t specifically mention it but kinda hinted towards it; foreshadowing can end up making the plot predictable and anti-climatic, though that’s in the hands of a bad writer, a better writer would use false flags when foreshadowing and would make parts which can be easily overlooked become vital to the storyline. I mean if we’re gonna talk about predictability, Arifureta is actually a good example since you can pretty much predict which girl will be joining the dreaded harem from the moment you meet them, there is no thrill of revelation when the characters admit their feelings since you already see it coming from a mile away. I’ll also point out that many stories do have the author spilling out the ending right from the beginning because the fun and adventure comes from getting to that ending. I guess you haven’t read much but I’ll tell you this, a writing style where the story has to continuously backtrack to smooth any rough edges and also relies on deus ex machina to resolve problems isn’t actually that good. Also yeah, please continue to try for the high ground by showing an aloof attitude and by not revealing any spoilers, I mean after after I pointed out your lame insults last time it’s almost like you took a 180 personality wise and it’s honestly kinda weird but it’s better I suppose.


            • Trolls. They never gonna hear any crap you say. It’s your fault Blaxus for even replying him in the first place. Wait, am I also in the wrong now? Meh. fml I don’t give a fuck lol B)


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  9. wow… I try to read the raw one and translate it using Translator, and what the *beep* it’s so *beep* like a *beep*. I don’t event understand a single *beep* thing LOL. *beep* just kidding *beep* *beep* *beep*


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  11. this dude only translate 4 chapter in order to leave his name in credits as one of those translator even thought the other translator done better job in term of translation quality and speed.
    oh and to make it worse he is splendidly dissapear without any announcement.


  12. in Chapter 123
    [Mistress as well~], she declared to Hajime and began carrying out the ruOndaibu *It’s a reference which I can’t make out, とハジメにル○ンダイブを決行し*

    I believe that was referring to rupandaibu or Lupin Dive.


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