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Bla bla bla humans bla bla bla.

I was fucking overworking myself the last 2 weeks and this week does not seem any better. I want to chill out a little too as any human being. But well. To make it up for now, I will shedule the next chapter to be released on my birthday 02.12.2015 10:00 UTC+1. That would be like 18:00 in Japan. I will try to fix it up, but I won’t promise anything perfect. I am just too stressed out to deal with stuff atm. At least I will release it. And no. This is not a promise. As long as wordpress does not fuck up or anything, then the chapter will be released on my birthday. That is my present to you guys who are NOT spamming my comments with “where is the chapter” or “FUCK YOU”.

Everybody else can go to hell.

Have a nice day~


32 thoughts on “Bla bla bla Stuff

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  2. I thought the race called “stupid leechers” stopped propagating since the last “translating tragedy” which was caused by their “un-enthical” and “un-restrained” banter which only causes harm…

    I salute you sir to be able to somehow stay in a reasonable state with all those nuisances and deliver what you have done for us till now.
    Much appreciated;
    Mach the reasonable leechers and promoter of “don’t be a dork and appreciate others’ work”.


    • They never die out. And never want to. They don’t even realize that people stop doing anything because they lose motivation because of such people. Maybe they should realize that those chinese groups are groups and not 1-2 people working on stuff. Even people who are releasing stuff every week are not having chapters as long as Arifureta. 1 Chapter of Arifureta per week would be very fast. And practicly impossible for me as I mostly only spend time at home sleeping during the week besides my uni workload. Every 3 weeks is possible if I had enough time to spare. But atm I have like 6 different “exercises”(papers, whatever you call them) to do which all take about 2-6 hours each to finish. EVERY DAMN WEEK. But well. People just don’t get it.

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      • Yeah… huge difference between 1 person working on a chapter and 4+.

        Not just dividing the work, the peace of mind knowing someone’s got your back in case something turns up IRL…


  3. I only know english and spanish.. and reading MTL gives me headaches…. but I’m a damn good editor and proofreader :-).
    Happy Early Birthday man. Obviously RL (esp uni work) will always come first. Imagine if you balked on your obligations to build model trains or something. Same deal. This is a hobby. Although it’s a pretty epic fucking hobby (this story is SWEET), that’s all it is and can’t compare to getting those grades up so you can live the life you want in the future.


    • Best news are no news. Do not worry. Even without my input you will know that I work on my stuff Ziru-sama.

      If i would drop it, then I would probably announce it first in the TL-Groups in skype. Then you would know it. Este would probably say: “HE DOES IT FINALLY. ARIFURETA SUCKS.”


        • Este is bashing it regulary because he sees the mistakes and repeated stuff all the time. He liked the beginning, but later on it got just too repetitive. I still like it, but my situation right now is pretty stressfull. Also some people are just pissing me off. I tried to look for people who would like to TL it with me, but most people stop because of the length or just plainly mistranslate half of the chapter which is just extra work for me. I had 5 people in 3 months try TLing it out which resulted in a long delay. But whatever. Not like it changes much. People are people. And leechers are leechers.


          • I trust you’ll do it whenever you feel up to it. It’s all good. ^^

            As for repeated tropes… That’s in every story. It just depends on if you as the reader like the base trope for whether or not it gets on your nerves. Sort of like how floofy and cutesy things might get on the nerves of xianxia fans


  4. Wow, he did it again. I mean “AGAIN” with this updates and stuff. For those guys who enable this Dura – shube, I applaud the capability of your brain to rack up motivational things to satiate this TL’s (if that is what he calls himself) thirst for attention.

    Oh anyway Dura – shube, about releasing weekly trans weekly that aren’t as long as Arifureta. Please just stop explaining your shallow circumstances, “not as long” pff you make me laugh. I seriously find you amusing how you make all this people wait, releasing chapters 100+ and leaving chapters essential for the story, I usually do that mind bending stuffs but is limited to 2 or 3 people, 1 if I can’t find a candidate but you, you can do it with this many people with just some posts monthly.

    Have a Happy Freaking Birthday fella. I’m so worried about your “REAL LIFE” so just please stop trying to translate (if you really are) and just go on with your “REAL LIFE”. Also just FYI, Arifureta doesn’t suck, you know who.


    • I would make a great sarcastic and elaborated reply for this kind of people… But I suppose I will have just write this because its a pain in the arse to just acknowledged that this kind of “something” exists…

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    • Ya know what never mind. I thought out a long ass winded jack-ass reply to this, but decided you weren’t worth my time to type it out. So please by all means go be a jack-ass somewhere else…by elsewhere I mean real life so no one has to deal with you on the internet anymore.


  5. I know how much trouble it can be dealing with college alongside all the other real life issues that crop up. I want to offer to help proofread or something of the sort but to be completely honest I don’t have much more time than you do. Don’t worry too much about rushing these chapters, I’d rather have a single chapter released a month than have a translator drop a project because they get frustrated, good luck and stay strong.


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