News, because I told so.

Meh. 2 days late writing this meh. It’s 3 am. Meh. I hate Uni. Meh.

So first of all:

I reached 1 million views. YAY! Actually 1.1 millions, but who cares. I completly forgot about this. You can see the counter on the sidebar now.

Now my next point:

People never change. I tell them to not ask the whole time & to stop asking when a new chapter comes out and they still do. Spoilers in the comments are even worse. I don’t check everything, so please. Just stop. It’s useless. It does not make me work harder. It just pisses me off a bit, reading the same stuff over and over and over. The best thing was when somebody was asking about a chapter I already realesed. Ok. Nothing more to add here.

Now the next point on the list:

People asked me IF they may translate. I checked their english skills. Some of them were bad. Really bad. I won’t call out names, because that would be bad. And some decided to join other people or stuff like that, frankly said, because a Arifureta Chapter is LONG. The shortest chapters are at least 15 pages and on average it’s 20 pages. Other novels have like 4-5 Pages of Moonrunes. We have 3-5 times as much. Translating a chapter takes a while. Also editing. I don’t know HOW many times I’ve said this. And NO. I won’t start reqruiting people who can only barely translate with a MTL. That would probably ruin the novel and my mood. TL-checking and Editing takes more time than translating as you may sometimes go brainafk while translating. I really don’t want sentences which sound worse than broken english.

Most important thing:

-Why u no chapter during the Winterbreak, but somebody else?

Well. To be honest. My powersource stopped working so my PC was dead. Amazone took too long to deliver a new one. So I wasn’t able to work on a chapter. Doing it on a phone is impossible to me. I tried. One sentence and it was over. I hate to type on the phone. Worst thing ever. I miss the old Nokia times. You COULD kill a person with the phone while typing a message with one hand. And btw. He just started it on his own and sent me the chapters. After I could use my PC and mailed with him. He will help me out with the chapters for a while.

So what’s next? Ah right. Doing some adming stuff on the page which I will not be able to do till Saturday. Need to do some minor changes to the chapters. Btw. Want some recommendations for novels or stuff like that from me? If so I may add a Page for that stuff. I have quite a lot of novels I think they are good.
I think that’s all.

Praise the Sun.

Have a nice day~

NO! SUNBRO AWAY FROM THE CORNER. DO NOT LET THE TRAGEDY OF BELLFRY REPEAT….. and he rolled off. [Joke for some people. And yes. True story. Don’t worry- Play Dark Souls.]


65 thoughts on “News, because I told so.

    • hey I’m been curious but what does an editor do exactly and how do you usually work? Please excuse me if my question see rude since I’m wondering if I could become one as TL is out of the question.[Should have taken Japanese instead of Spanish -_-]


      • Well, editors are responsible for making sure the text is understandable and easy to read. A translator is bombarded with too much information, and sometimes they might translate something literally or with the most commonly used words to translate that, while it means something else.

        For example, in Chinese, there’s an expression that can be either translated to ‘without any hesitation’ or ‘without a doubt’. It’s the job of the editor to correct that kind of mistake, he must read and pay attention to every single sentence and make sure that as many mistakes as possible are corrected. Kinda like what a Translation Checker does, except the TLC also knows the language it’s being translated from, and can correct translation mistakes.


        Editors correct mistakes and make the text easier to read.


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  2. I’m just thankful someone is trying to put out a quality translation of this still. Take your time, I’ve got plenty else to read and reread online and off. And if that doesn’t hold me, I can game or watch movies, or see if the zombies have taken over RL since I rarely visit it.


  3. The fact that you play Dark Souls made me like you a bit more. Just a bit. Don’t get too excited about it.

    Hope the new TL guy does well, and thanks as always to both of you in this case for your work, I know this can be a big drag so yeah, thanks for that. I started with Japanese lessons a couple of months ago so I’ll apply for a TL spot in about 20 years. Until then, toodles. Or teehee. Or whatever.


  4. Master, you’re back! Your neglect play was excellent, but it gets lonely when it becomes a month between whippings. Oh well, just glad to see the more… volatile… comments haven’t led you to a murdering spree. Ugh, I usually try to avoid leaving comments, so I apologize for being a ungrateful leecher. I’ll be sure to wag my tail properly… why the hell am I doing this…. Is it obvious that I’m unsure of what would be considered offensive and want to delete this post yet? Ah, forget it, I’m thankful to you for providing access to a world I lose myself in, and I’ll be sure to leave a comment from now on. (Just to warn you, they’ll probably be of questionable humor, with a large amount of self-deprecation.)

    Also, I’m very interested in seeing a list of the novels you recommend. No rush though. I think I still have a good five years before I run out of reading material.


      • Ah, crap, while I’m glad to hear that, I can feel some pressure to keep it up. You might say that a comment would be enough, but I’m not sure it would be enough for me. Well, just tell me if you get tired of what I call humor. It’s been made clear to me in the past that… let’s just say it isn’t something they enjoyed over the long term. I think I’ll stick with the Tio gimmick for a while and see how it goes.

        Huh… maybe I should get a picture of Tio. Would having THOSE things grace my comments be good or bad? As a guy, I’m slightly inclined to say good but…


  5. i did not know solaire could be summoned there, so i had to do that alone.
    Even funnier is the fact that i didn’t know that i had to go into the bellfry so i had gotten all the way to the moonlight butterfly and the great wolf Sif before coming back for it.
    oh well, praise the sun for unlimited lives


  6. Geez I come back to this blog after a month and of course leachers still being leachers… Take ur time some of us know what it’s like to have lives he’ll I’m at work right now. T_T


  7. Hey dude, I just wanted to thank you for giving your time to translate this novel and letting us leechers read it. I really appreciate you doing it despite all the annoying comments about new chapters and stuff. Whatever pace you choose to translate at, Im grateful because I can’t read the language for myself. Good work!


  8. I know I’m a bit late commenting here, but I have to say that you’re my favorite translator. Arifureta isn’t my favorite webnovel (though it is pretty high up there) but I find your honesty and blunt manner of speech refreshing and hilarious when we’ve got most translators being polite to the assholes and leechers. Take your time with the translations, I’m patient enough to wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ah. Take your time~~ We leechers dont need to be spoiled. RL>Translating as a sidejob, no?
    Also. You made my day with your blunt manner and speech(i wish i could hear you complaint literally xD).
    Have been reading Arifureta since 3 days ago and now Ive arrived at your site and finished to the latest chapter, 96. Your quality is very good. One of the best translation ive ever read ever since Ive started reading web novels.

    Thanks for your hardwork~~


  10. Woot finally made an account so i can respond to people! I’ve been reading a lot of different translations online and Arifureta is definitely a favorite so i wanted to say thanks for spending your own free time to translate this and put it where we can also enjoy it, and while it must be annoying getting comments asking for more chapters please remember that many of use are quite thankful for you taking time out of what little RL leaves you with to translate. if people are too impatient then they can go ahead and try translating a chapter for themselves, as for me i am a patient leech and will remain so, after all i have another series I’ve been waiting for a new chapter from for a few months and have no problem waiting longer. So once again Thank You very much for your Hard work!

    Btw do you plan on joining the sun bros when DS3 comes out?


  11. please drop this so that other groups can translate this. its fine if you have IRL problems and we are not paying you but a lot of other group translations would like to take this but it would be rude to you if there is no announcement from you that you would not translate anymore and they would take it and we would like to read it for a long time already.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As much as I sympathize, we must all consider the following:

      If Durasama is having complications in the real world, it is possible that he still wishes to be involved in the Arifureta project but is unable to do so for a while. Asking him to give up on Arifureta now could make returning later on extremely complicated.

      Therefore, I propose this alternative:

      Rather than asking our generous blood donor to forfeit the project, we leeches should find competent translators who are able and willing to work in conjunction with him instead. A partnership, so to put it. That way Durasama can return to Arifureta once reality stops being a nuisance, and minimize the hassle.

      That said, we do still need Durasama’s permission, and a willing translator for this to work. Once you find the latter, I encourage you to ask for the former. Remember, don’t ask him to hand over the project–ask for him to approve of a good co-pilot or two. An already established translator would be ideal for this role, considering the higher quality of the existing translated chapters. Consistency is key.

      If Durasama does wish to quit the project, he seems like the sort to alert us of his intentions. In which case, ask him for confirmation, and possibly to provide links to his successor.

      Thank you for your consideration. My novel is finished.


    • Tell the other groups that it’s almost been 3 months without any news. They are free to translate on their own. There is absolutely no need to ask Dura’s permission whatsoever as if he owns this series.


  12. I think we can safely consider this series dropped. Now all we need to do is convince another translator to pick it up. I would give it a go (even though I don’t know much Japanese or Chinese for that matter) but I barely have the time to read right now, and that’s not likely to improve for at least two years.


  13. Argh, I said I would leave a comment from then on, but it’s rather awkward to do it without any new updates. But dear me, it seems you are taking this neglect play to a new level, telling me I made your day, then stringing me out to hang in the hot summer sun. If this is the kind of torture you do whilst idling, I’m positively panting in excitement at what you’ll do in action. Now, vaguely disturbing images aside, I’m somewhat sad to see, or rather, not to see any activity from you. Now, if you went ahead, read my first comment again, and decided that the more volatile commenters did deserve that murdering spree, and are currently on the run, more power to you. Otherwise, I hope to see an update sometime, even if it’s just to say that you can’t be bothered to translate anymore.

    Once again, this was your vaguely disturbing leecher with a more than healthy amount of appreciation for Tio’s habits and body, the RandomBrat, hoping to hear from you again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And like, this is completely awkward, and I realized long ago that you still respond to comments at times on reddit and such, but it my introverted ways, this felt like the better option.

      So yeah, totally not awkward and all that (just ignore what I said at the start of this message).


  14. well to be fair, and I’m not saying this because I want the job. Editing might need a basic understanding of the translated language but Proof Reading and editing bad grammar is totally fine. I mean It might help to have an English major proofreading things like [I have quite a lot of novels I think they are good.] =I have quite a few novels I think are good.

    P.S not saying your grammar is bad but little mistakes do happen and a proof reader that is super grammar nazi would not be bad for any reason lol.

    After all you have to remember that this is another language we are talking about. Sure you can translate the word, but are you really getting the meaning across in english?

    Once again, I am no expert, but just because someone can’t read a foreign language doesn’t mean they can’t be of any help right?


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