Well…. There are some things I need to say.

Maybe first… I am sorry? Or not? I actually wanted to finish the next chapter before updating stuff, but that would butthurt…… I mean disappoint many people.

The last 3 weeks were a little hard or me due to exams and before that I was in vacation mode and has no real motivation to translate. Now some RL issues packed up and I need to deal with them. “RL issues, every TL says they have RL issues mimimi”, some people may cry out like small children. Well….. Here is the story:

The thing is, we have here a neighbour which is pretty much an asshole and We are probably going to court with him, so I needed to write (a lot) of stuff. Germans are really too nit-picky about such things. Filling out forms and writing your claims, reports and whatnot. And I do that practically myself. I’ve written like 20 pages full of words alone in the last 2 weeks. Also have reported his dog because he barks and attacks almost everyone here. That wouldn’t be too much of a time-waste if I wasn’t going to university right now. So I am half a day there and then deal with RL stuff. After that I am pretty much spent and don’t want to TL. Tomorrow a witness is coming over to me to testimony it to me and write a claim herself. I actually planned to finish the translation today or tomorrow, but it looks like I need to crush a bug… I mean deal with other stuff first.

I guess I can finish this weekend, but I can never be sure. Just to inform you guys/girls/furries/dragons/cat-girls/vampires/bloodsuckers/leeches. I wasn’t slacking off ALL the time. Just like 1/4th of the time. I am done with about 50% of the chapter. Again. I did mess up and delete it by mistake as I wasn’t using google docs like usual, but Word at that time because I wasn’t able to use my internet.

Have a nice day. I am going to sleep soon despite it only being 8 pm here…. I am tireeeeeeeed. Ha? Did you think this post is over. Ofc I lied.

Btw. I also got caught in the Fate Grand Order madness. My waifus need me too. Also I have Gilgamesh, so I need to feed him by killing stuff. You want to see my waifus and other stuff? No problem. Link inc. I do play on my phone, so I waste my time in the bus and at uni. So don’t worry. The waifus don’t disturb me while working on stuff.

Also I am almost at 1 million (1.000.000) pageviews. Actually over 730k, but a month or something and I will probably reach it if I am able to produce more chapters.

Now. Have a nice day~


13 thoughts on “Update

  1. Shame you have such a ass for a neighbour,
    hopefully your real life will be a lot more easy after taking him to court.
    And those procederes here in holland are also a pain in the ass.
    And don’t worry about translating the new chapter.
    First get this rl problem out of the way, and take some rest to get your stuff together.
    and if you’re feeling great again, THEN start translating the new chapter
    I may be a leech (#457.790.874) but even a nutjob like me knows to be gratefull to translaters who translate amazing wn/ln for us in their spare time.
    But translaters are still human, so don’t worry about not giving us a update.
    Good luck in court (even if it’s a pain in your ass)
    And thank you for the work you did up to date (and for what’s to come ^-^).
    Greetings from a nutjob from that small little country at the west of germany


  2. u got the 5star gilgamesh, nice. took me using the 10xgacha 3 times to get my first 5star, which is Sakata Kintoki, but totally worth it. that dude is hella strong


  3. sorry but is it expected to only get 1 update in 2 months , i know you are doing it at your own free time and all but 2 months is a long time for only translating about 12 pages , oh how sad i am all the interesting things seem to crawl into a stop , and seems you even looking for new things to translate why not just post it that you are dropping Arifureta , anyways not my place to say anything considering you are doing it on your free time and all just getting tired from having to read through all the LN that every1 keeps dropping and picking back up just to smear dirt on the readers expectations……………..


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