I like playing games

I have a cat over the next few days. So let’s play a small game!!!!!!!!!

“How many times will the cat scratch me till it gets used to me!!!!!!”

Easy to play. Just guess in the comments how many times it scratches me. Should you guess right, then I will give out a game on steam. I like RPGs. Hard RPGs. So I could give out Dark Souls or some Games from my Humble Bundle Account. Just write down in the comments how many times it will scratch me. Deadline is Monday. It already scratched me 2 times within the 2 hours it is here when I tried to feed it.


58 thoughts on “I like playing games

  1. err … Try using charm then heal on the next turn. These thing get easier if you go in party. If it still not working try looking for tamer in the guild. I think there bound to be one maybe that elf looking near the counter or fairy might work but not dwarf dwarf is bad choice.

    wait … are we talking about same cat here?


  2. it depens directly on the amount of times you try to “Pet” the cat or try to get near the cat…

    Assuming you don’t try to get near the cat anymore i would go with less than 4-7 times

    If you do try to get near that cat….it would be 2-3 times per time you tried to get near the cat…

    Aaaaand assuming you managed to get his love…i would say 4-6 times per “Play time”

    I do have a lots of cats after all….I don’t even get scratches on my anymore…even if they do try to scratch me…or manage to get his pawns of me….

    PD: Cat song


  3. Cat, I just need you to scratch dura three more times, for a total of five, please. BTW, dura, is this a first come, first guess situation? :O Or everyone who guesses correctly gets a prize?


  4. Ok depending on how many times you feed it, take the times you feed it. Half that down to of the times you fed it and add 3. there you have my guess,
    So lets say you have it four days and you feed it 2 times a day morning and night. then we half it so four. then we add three so my anserw is!
    7! 7 scratches!


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