Next chapter is done soon I guess?

Small update post for you guys.

I have completed the next chapter. Great right? No. You need to wait till the editor is done. It would have been done a little bit earlier if children weren’t coming over every 10 min asking for sweets. Halloween isn’t even that popular in Germany….. wtf. I will start doing the next chapter tomorrow already, hopefully finishing it at friday or saturday. Then giving it to my editor and waiting again. I have some exercises to do tomorrow so maybe 1 hours of translating only.

Btw. I do like translating, but working too long makes me angry. Now it’s 00:10 in Germany. (Even a bit later when the post is released) I could probably finish the chapter myself, but splitting it up makes more sense so that I can work on the next one earlier.

And btw². I had the chapter since 3 weeks or longer, but as it wasn’t tl’d by me I wanted to check it completely. I lost progress once as I was doing it at my aunt’s place and she somehow deleted it and I needed to start from scratch. So that is one of the reasons why it has come so late now. My motivation went down to the toilet that day and it took some time to recover. 😀

Now let me die in peace and in a piece.

See ya next time~

P.S. I hate Halloween from today on.


The game is over!

Well, at my place there are still 3 hours left of sunday, but I won’t approach the fat cat anymore. I managed to pet it, but it still wants to attack me. The cat will get taken back when I wake up, so it’s over.

So? How many times did I get scratched? 9 times. I did not count how many times I got almost attacked or jumped at. The cat is seriously crazy.




guessed right. So both can get a present from me. Write down your steamname in the comments, you should post the link to your steamprofile to be safe. Sometimes it’s strange. Just to be sure.

I like playing games

I have a cat over the next few days. So let’s play a small game!!!!!!!!!

“How many times will the cat scratch me till it gets used to me!!!!!!”

Easy to play. Just guess in the comments how many times it scratches me. Should you guess right, then I will give out a game on steam. I like RPGs. Hard RPGs. So I could give out Dark Souls or some Games from my Humble Bundle Account. Just write down in the comments how many times it will scratch me. Deadline is Monday. It already scratched me 2 times within the 2 hours it is here when I tried to feed it.

A title? Do i need that stuff? Whatever. Here you have some information.

Bla bla, everything is coming along. Bla, bla. Stuff. And so on.

Ok now. Serious stuff incoming. Nothing too special.

The chapter(s) are coming along. I am pretty lazy at the moment, but i guess I should finish most of my “self scheduled” work this week. Right now I am translating Chapter 3 of Manuke FPS and am only left with 1 Page which should be done still today (almost 8PM here). Then edit it either today or tomorrow, then release it. There is a reason why I am making a Post now. Not too serious, but I guess I should let you guys know. So I am taking a break while releasing some news for you.

Some of you may have noticed, but /r/lightnovels (aka Reddit subboard) is getting split up, which is a pretty stupid idea. Already some Translators I know do not use it since a long time, because the mods have some kind of disorder or something. I do not particularly care about that, but it concerns the whole community. It’s not like 5 or 10 people, but about 10k. I noticed that they do their thing, so some people I know began to do “their” thing. And I decided to help out a bit. So if you use reddit for updates use rather /r/noveltranslations than the /r/lightnovels one. I also boycott /r/lightnovels and I hope you guys won’t update anything I translate there. I do not wish for it.

Have a nice day~

And do not piss Shanks off. He told me he will hack me~

Small ragepost and some information


You guys keep asking (more like grinding my gears) about the next chapter. For now I can say: It’s still at my editor. What do you guys expect? It still takes a while to check it. Rephrase the words and check spelling etc. Or do you want shitty quality? It is a shitload of work.

So the next thing. YES. I will translate the missing chapters next. Do not ask me about it again or i will push it further back. For now I am testing out some new guys who want to help out (rather than those who leech only) and translating takes a while and checking translations even more. So no more “WHERE IS CHAPTER PLX”. Also mails about “do you know that this series is in the final arc” are also not needed. Thank you. I read the raws.

Every time I read a comment about “where is the chapter” or “will you translate 94-99”, I will get seriously angry from now on. Better said: I will either stop translating for that day or push the release further back. Getting mails and stuff is fine, but not with such questions. Also… Peoplez… I do not use a MTL. I have one with inbuild dictionaries and use it as a dictionary only, but I translate by hand. Why? Better quality. So questions about “what MTL do you use to TL” are also pretty… senseless. Just use google for that shit.

Also there was that one incident with the Slime Tensei translation about bad translations. I only saw some parts of the translations and wow. Changing the meaning over 180degrees is…. well, you know…. Won’t say much more. Those weren’t hard sentences. Basic japanese knowledge is enough to do it right. I may take longer with my translations, but I am pretty sure my are accurate. And not something like the one you see in the pic above.

If you guys are lucky, my editor may finish today or tomorrow, depending on how much time he has. We all have a RL besides translating, so our shedules do not always match. Also we all live in different timezones over the world. So getting in touch with each other is also sometimes a problem. It’s not like we stay 99% of the time at home.

So. That was for you guys as the commets in the last week got somehow…. Bad. As well as the mails. Have a nice day. I need to cool off for now.

Got a small problem…

I’ve got a small problem right now. The problem is… My family came. At 4am this morning. Now it’s almost 7am. Talked with them for a while. They were actually supposed to come at the end of the week. My uncle and aunt will stay for a week and want to see the surroundings a bit. With surroundings i mean towns about 50-100km away. That means I won’t be home at all….

I actually planned to translate either a chapter of Arifureta or 2-3 chapters of Manuke FPS this week, but it will be impossible at this rate. When I come home, I’ll probably be totally spent. If you want to know where I’ll be… probably Hamburg and Rostock. Maybe even Flensburg. (Everything is in Germany, google it if you want to.).

Should it get even worse and they will stay even longer then… I will probably not release even for a longer time.

The chapter 129 of Arifureta is actually done, but it’s at my editors place who should be doing the finishing touches. The problem is… I won’t be home at all… So it will probably be even later now. Well, at least he does not need to rush it. What should I say at this point? Gomen ne~

Arifureta Chap…. HA GOT YOU! Only a small update.

Well, to make it fair…. Sorry, that I haven’t written anything in the past month. I was busy with university stuff and for now it’s over (actually it’s over since one week ago and I lazed around, but meh) and the written exams start in October (choose these to have some leeway with learning stuff and not working my ass off).

I actually planned to start translating today and finish tomorrow. The chapter is half done since 2 weeks ago or something I believe. I only do like 5-6 pages in one session, after that my concentration goes down below tolerable levels. However, I did not catch too much sleep today and want to go to sleep soon, so the chapter will be delayed some days. Still a small hope that I finish it fast, but that depends on my mood. Also somebody wants to translate Arifureta so I may wait for him till he finishes and check his translation with mine. Depends on my feelings in that time. At least you know that I did not drop it.

As for Chapters 94-99…. I still haven’t gotten in touch with Japtem, or better said Endo, because I did not do it. Will do so tomorrow and ask them if Endo is quitting his translation altogether, haven’t heard a word of it yet. If that is so, I’ll start doing that next.

Btw. Some of you wanted to help out as translators/editors/proofreaders in the comments. But answering every comment that came in the last few days takes some time, so if you want to do something, then contact me on steam or with this mail: I linked the mail to my phone, so I will be able to read your mails faster. Don’t expect me to answer fast though. I am not the fastest typing person in the world on a smart phone. I miss the “Nokia 3310”-times…..

At least you know now that “I AM NOT DEAD, YET“. With that, have a nice day~