News and other stuff – also recruiting translators

Don’t worry. I won’t say anything like dropping anything or things like that. I will still continue translating everything.

To make things short:

I actually planned to catch up to the author, but with my speed and time I have for translating I won’t be able to do so. I’m having less and less time to translate. It will be pretty much impossible to do so alone. To be honest I underestimated the length of one chapter. Releasing one Arifureta chapter per week is pretty much hard in itself with the time I have on my hands. (Aka. stupid university). However, if I had more hands it would be somehow manageable.

For that reason I’m looking for somebody who can translate a bit. I don’t mind if you are completely new to translating – I myself am pretty new. If you can’t speak japanese very well, don’t worry I’ll help out. There are many programs that can help out and if I look over it, I could fix parts that you aren’t able to translate. People who only want to try it out are also welcome. That would speed up the translation a lot. Also, if somebody wants to help out a an editor, I wouldn’t say no. You only need some basic knowledge of japanese, even self-learned from anime is enough. Just contact me. Either leave a message here, contact me on steam (my profile is on the “About me & this blog”-page) or leave some kind of contact information (Skype, email or something else) so that I can contact you somehow. After that I’ll give you a chapter to translate and if I’m satisfied with the translation you can translate regularly. Remember: This is only a fan-translation. Nothing professional.

As for the chapters I have released till now, I’ll go over them and fix major mistakes on the weekend as I have almost no time today and almost no time tomorrow. I get up early and get back late so I don’t really have the power to read and check spelling/grammar mistakes. And doing so at the university is pretty hard as almost every break something comes up. Many people pointed out some stupid mistakes I made and I am grateful for that. Hope you guys/girls continue to do so.

With that out of the way, I wish you a happy week. See ya next time~


9 thoughts on “News and other stuff – also recruiting translators

  1. HI, i guess i could try doing something like this, im right now at the N4 level but its mostly grammmatical, if it works for you im still learning japanese, my kanji knowledge and vocabulary are not that extense but with rikaikun or something else i guess i could manage, its something to try by myself to see how much can i do right now


    • It wouldn’t hurt to try it out in my opninion.
      I also have my problems with Kanji and some other things, but that’s pretty normal as a non-japanese person.
      Write me an email at (basically a spam mail i use) with a skype- or steamname so that we can contact each other.
      Or you can just write some kind of contact information here.


  2. I think you should at least post the same on reddit/r/lightnovels to get more views. Lot of people are using reddit to see when new chapters are released but i couldn’t found yours. I think that most of people who reading arifureta don’t even know that someone picked translating chapters 126+


    • Well, i would, but i didn’t want to spoil the people too much now as Endo hasn’t finished his translations.
      Also, the internet does it thing and shares it. Many people do it on their own, so i did not feel that i need to do it after people already shared it on facebook and other sites.


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