Informations – just because i like you (maybe?)

Some of you may have noticed, I got a translator on board. He is in charge of chapter 129. I will check his translations and edit it if needed so the chapter may come out maybe Monday or Tuesday. After all, i need to be sure that the quality is fine.
Manuke FPS is somehow not going forward very well. Somehow I translate one paragraph, then stop for 15 min, do another one and stop. Well, don’t have more time today, so i won’t be able to finish now. Will try Friday/Saturday.
Also I started a poll for something. I probably will do my own thing either way, but I still want to hear your opinions. I won’t translate chapters 94-100. That will stay Endo’s job. It was his project and he should be able to stop at the point he wanted to. I respect him, because he was able to translate it for so long. Here is what I want to know:


5 thoughts on “Informations – just because i like you (maybe?)

    • Ziru-chan-sama! (Maybe i should call you Ziru-chama?). Yeah, got the next chapter almost ready. Only need to TL-check it as somebody else worked on it. Will only release proper chapters. That’s my motto.

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