Arifureta Chap…. HA GOT YOU! Only a small update.

Well, to make it fair…. Sorry, that I haven’t written anything in the past month. I was busy with university stuff and for now it’s over (actually it’s over since one week ago and I lazed around, but meh) and the written exams start in October (choose these to have some leeway with learning stuff and not working my ass off).

I actually planned to start translating today and finish tomorrow. The chapter is half done since 2 weeks ago or something I believe. I only do like 5-6 pages in one session, after that my concentration goes down below tolerable levels. However, I did not catch too much sleep today and want to go to sleep soon, so the chapter will be delayed some days. Still a small hope that I finish it fast, but that depends on my mood. Also somebody wants to translate Arifureta so I may wait for him till he finishes and check his translation with mine. Depends on my feelings in that time. At least you know that I did not drop it.

As for Chapters 94-99…. I still haven’t gotten in touch with Japtem, or better said Endo, because I did not do it. Will do so tomorrow and ask them if Endo is quitting his translation altogether, haven’t heard a word of it yet. If that is so, I’ll start doing that next.

Btw. Some of you wanted to help out as translators/editors/proofreaders in the comments. But answering every comment that came in the last few days takes some time, so if you want to do something, then contact me on steam or with this mail: I linked the mail to my phone, so I will be able to read your mails faster. Don’t expect me to answer fast though. I am not the fastest typing person in the world on a smart phone. I miss the “Nokia 3310”-times…..

At least you know now that “I AM NOT DEAD, YET“. With that, have a nice day~


11 thoughts on “Arifureta Chap…. HA GOT YOU! Only a small update.

  1. I believe at last I heard, Endo was dealing with IRL stuff, and that was the reason he hadn’t done anything recently, despite all other rumors to the contrary. Not sure if that’s 100% but it’s what I heard.


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