Got a small problem…

I’ve got a small problem right now. The problem is… My family came. At 4am this morning. Now it’s almost 7am. Talked with them for a while. They were actually supposed to come at the end of the week. My uncle and aunt will stay for a week and want to see the surroundings a bit. With surroundings i mean towns about 50-100km away. That means I won’t be home at all….

I actually planned to translate either a chapter of Arifureta or 2-3 chapters of Manuke FPS this week, but it will be impossible at this rate. When I come home, I’ll probably be totally spent. If you want to know where I’ll be… probably Hamburg and Rostock. Maybe even Flensburg. (Everything is in Germany, google it if you want to.).

Should it get even worse and they will stay even longer then… I will probably not release even for a longer time.

The chapter 129 of Arifureta is actually done, but it’s at my editors place who should be doing the finishing touches. The problem is… I won’t be home at all… So it will probably be even later now. Well, at least he does not need to rush it. What should I say at this point? Gomen ne~


13 thoughts on “Got a small problem…

      • I figured they were just being rude its not that hard to time when you will arrive when its that early in the morning and there’s little to no traffic and a giving you a quick phone call would have been nice . well anyways hope you find time to take a well deserved nap


  1. I’m assuming, because that is the time they arrived? Off the top of my head, i can think of a few reasons. Long ass drive, didn’t want to stop at a hotel. Left very late, instead of leaving in the morning. Didn’t answer your question, but at least gave you a general idea, of why someone may show up at 4 am. What you should have asked, is why this guy stayed up to talk to them, lol if that was me i’d be like “hey, how you guys doing?” “Well it’s 4 in the morning, there’s a couch, goodnight.”


  2. Of course, we hope you deal with your real life issues first. Complaining to people who are volunteering to do service just backfires and is also wrong…..

    Just a piece of advice though, I hope you finish all those chapters in the 90’s first. There aren’t going to be anywhere as near as many people appreciating your other translated chapters because a lot of people aren’t satisfied with skipping 9 chapters while just reading the summaries.


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