Ups? Me sorry? More or less

Well, this is embarrasing. More or less. The guy who translated “100-125” actually did “99-124”.

This is the correct order of the Chapters starting from 93:

(Chapternames may get changed, only a fast translation, also took the ones the guy used to not confuse you.)

93  - Inferiority Complex (Last Japtem Chapter)

(Still missing Chapters)
94  - Awekening, Once more
95  - Gross Food Subjugation
96  - The Oath with the Daughter
97  - Heretic certification
98  - Unexpected Reunion

(The other translations)
99  - The Apostle’s Raid, and The Kings Capital is Invaded
100 - Matchless Shia
101 - Matchless Yue
102 - God's Apostle, Nointo
103 - The Angel That Fell
104 - God’s Mountain
105 - Betrayal
106 - Light of Condemnation
107 - Later in the Kingdom
108 - Chatting Events of a Single Day -First-
109 - Chating Events of a Single Day -Second-
110 - Chatting Events of a Single Day -Third-
111 - Those guys once again
112 - Dere Period?
113 - Imperial Capital
114 - Don’t Fret, It’s the Hauria
115 - Gung Ho Once Again
116 - Imperial Castle - Beginning
117 - Imperial Castle - Later
118 - Party of Welcome and Engagement
119 - Hauria VS. Emperor -First Part-
120 - Hauria VS. Emperor -Later-
121 - Character Introduction
122 - Transporting the Demi-humans
123 - Night of Fair Bergen
124 - Imitation

(Here starts my TL)
125 - Even if the Appearance Changes 
126 - The Pseudo-Trent
127 - Ideal World
128 - Immediate Awekening (Chapter in Progress)

So as you can see, my translation started at Chapter 125 and not 126. More or less I went by the Chapternames, so i did not make a mistake and let out a Chapter. Will fix up things today. Wanted to inform you guys. Also say thank you to “jorgelotr” as he was the one who saw that mistake. We would have realized it after Chapter 98, but the earlier the better. Why did no one realize it earlier? Who knows. At least it will get fixed up on my table. I will update everything today. More work…. I hate to work.


6 thoughts on “Ups? Me sorry? More or less

    • That is right.
      That is also probably the reason for the mistake of the other guy. I just followed the Names, so i did not think about him doing that mistake. Well, whatever.


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