A title? Do i need that stuff? Whatever. Here you have some information.

Bla bla, everything is coming along. Bla, bla. Stuff. And so on.

Ok now. Serious stuff incoming. Nothing too special.

The chapter(s) are coming along. I am pretty lazy at the moment, but i guess I should finish most of my “self scheduled” work this week. Right now I am translating Chapter 3 of Manuke FPS and am only left with 1 Page which should be done still today (almost 8PM here). Then edit it either today or tomorrow, then release it. There is a reason why I am making a Post now. Not too serious, but I guess I should let you guys know. So I am taking a break while releasing some news for you.

Some of you may have noticed, but /r/lightnovels (aka Reddit subboard) is getting split up, which is a pretty stupid idea. Already some Translators I know do not use it since a long time, because the mods have some kind of disorder or something. I do not particularly care about that, but it concerns the whole community. It’s not like 5 or 10 people, but about 10k. I noticed that they do their thing, so some people I know began to do “their” thing. And I decided to help out a bit. So if you use reddit for updates use rather /r/noveltranslations than the /r/lightnovels one. I also boycott /r/lightnovels and I hope you guys won’t update anything I translate there. I do not wish for it.

Have a nice day~

And do not piss Shanks off. He told me he will hack me~


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