Small ragepost and some information


You guys keep asking (more like grinding my gears) about the next chapter. For now I can say: It’s still at my editor. What do you guys expect? It still takes a while to check it. Rephrase the words and check spelling etc. Or do you want shitty quality? It is a shitload of work.

So the next thing. YES. I will translate the missing chapters next. Do not ask me about it again or i will push it further back. For now I am testing out some new guys who want to help out (rather than those who leech only) and translating takes a while and checking translations even more. So no more “WHERE IS CHAPTER PLX”. Also mails about “do you know that this series is in the final arc” are also not needed. Thank you. I read the raws.

Every time I read a comment about “where is the chapter” or “will you translate 94-99”, I will get seriously angry from now on. Better said: I will either stop translating for that day or push the release further back. Getting mails and stuff is fine, but not with such questions. Also… Peoplez… I do not use a MTL. I have one with inbuild dictionaries and use it as a dictionary only, but I translate by hand. Why? Better quality. So questions about “what MTL do you use to TL” are also pretty… senseless. Just use google for that shit.

Also there was that one incident with the Slime Tensei translation about bad translations. I only saw some parts of the translations and wow. Changing the meaning over 180degrees is…. well, you know…. Won’t say much more. Those weren’t hard sentences. Basic japanese knowledge is enough to do it right. I may take longer with my translations, but I am pretty sure my are accurate. And not something like the one you see in the pic above.

If you guys are lucky, my editor may finish today or tomorrow, depending on how much time he has. We all have a RL besides translating, so our shedules do not always match. Also we all live in different timezones over the world. So getting in touch with each other is also sometimes a problem. It’s not like we stay 99% of the time at home.

So. That was for you guys as the commets in the last week got somehow…. Bad. As well as the mails. Have a nice day. I need to cool off for now.


21 thoughts on “Small ragepost and some information

  1. My reaction: uwaa another idiot anon make Translator mad again, maybe this kind of phenomena came after many TL using MTL for fast realease and make many leecher spoiled so when they have people who Translate manually and not so fast as MTL they became impatience and begin asking about it, compared to few year ago when translation of LN still done by manually waiting for one week to one month for one chapter, some can be fast too thought


  2. there’s always going to be some idiot who asks for a chapter or asks ‘when x is coming out’

    hell there’s even people who do it purposely to annoy the translator and editor because in their little minds they think that it would speed things up….which isn’t happening.

    worse yet even if you tell them why it takes so long people will STILL ask….why? its quite simple…. the idiots don’t read all they do is expect a chapter like its entitled to them…. which quite frankly it isn’t never was, never will.

    or the kind that i personally hate the most…. the idiots that accost and hassle and poke and prod translators and editors for no reason at all the ones that are trolls and try to get people to drop the translation….which is a total dick move and should never happen in the first place.

    needless to say this is the internet, many idiots are here but not all of us are like that….please don’t punish those that are your caring fans who follow you patiently just due to a few idiots…

    in the end translation and editing is all a labor of love which more often than naught ends up testing your patience all i can say is try to take everything with a grain of salt don’t let the idiots get you down, look forwards to those who actually appreciate your work and be damn proud about it!

    take all the time you need! keep up the good fight! and never let anyone pressure you 😀

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  3. I just gotta you should just cut and paste a response akin to go fuck yourself RL happens and you want more do it yourself or commission it
    People bitching about free shit please die… no like seriously kill yourself.


  4. im the kind of people who is always hungry of chapters of any novel I follow. However, there are LN that, with good story and big potential but i have to give up with them, because, if its hard for you to understand, more for me, a spanish in highschool


  5. Dont let it get to you Not that i can say that it does not happen to me. Anyway good luck and i hope some random anon/dickhead doesnt ruin it for you. I cant complain about not getting chapter since im a leecher atleast im a leecher with integrity and hopefully some dignity lol,unlike like some leechers. As i said best of luck and im rooting for u ps if you are going to stop eventually translating atleast leave a message warning me plz. AMEN PRAISE UR SOULAND THE EDITORS SOUL


    • Ah, no. The name is a bad joke. Durandal is a holy sword (in many novels and anime and even in RL the sword of a paladin bla bla), while Durak means “idiot” in russian. And since i make all my characternames with stupid jokes in mind, i made my old Deathknight in WoW named Dura. Since then i left the name and use it till today.
      I had other characters like “Behindata” -> Behinderter, meaning “Disabled” or “Goork” -> An old joke. A man puking while swallowing a “pole” and making “gaya, gaya, gooork”-sounds. etc. There are even worse names. But they do not conflict in any way to the end-user agreements and could be used. I even had a mage called “Eynis”. Sounds pretty close to another word every man knows if you put a “P” at the beginning.


  6. so what your saying is that we should find your editors e-mail and mob him for the next chapter?

    lol just kidding thanks for the update though and thank you for taking up this series its one of my favorites and i really want to see how it ends.


  7. Not to be an asshole but,

    You do know you can ignore people right?

    Everyone gets all angry about ‘leechers’ but people who just read and don’t do much else make up the majority of, well, readers so small group are being persistently annoying.

    Translator who rage about a handful of idiots and decid to punish everyone, and make ‘leechers’ vocal idiocy the only thing to have a real impact, rather than the mountains of praise.

    Are pretty annoying.


  8. I’ve just decided to give a go to the summaries->read the MATLs->read your translations and found that what the summaries call “chapter 99” is the same chapter as “chapter 100” in googledocs. Which one is correct? Either way, a chapter will be missing (if it’s one from the 94-99 batch, the “guy who is willing to translate” them will fix it, but if it’s one from the 100-125 batch, that won’t do).

    Thanks for picking up this novel.


    • Went to check it. There’s not a missing chapter, but a numbering error. Googledocs “chapter 100” is in fact 99 and everything beyond should be 1 less than what’s tagged as (meaning the chapter currently at 90% editing is 128 and not 129).

      Still, thanks for your work.


      • Yes, that guy made a mistake and I took over.

        94 – Awekening, Once more
        95 – Gross Food Subjugation
        96 – The Oath with the Daughter
        97 – Heretic certification
        98 – Unexpected Reunion
        99 – The Apostle’s Raid, and The Kings Capital is Invaded
        100 – Matchless Shia
        101 – Matchless Yue
        102 – God’s Apostle, Nointo
        103 – The Angel That Fell
        104 – God’s Mountain
        105 – Betrayal
        106 – Light of Condemnation
        107 – Later in the Kingdom
        108 – Chatting Events of a Single Day -First-
        109 – Chating Events of a Single Day -Second-
        110 – Chatting Events of a Single Day -Third-
        111 – Those guys once again
        112 – Dere Period?
        113 – Imperial Capital
        114 – Don’t Fret, It’s the Hauria
        115 – Gung Ho Once Again
        116 – Imperial Castle – Beginning
        117 – Imperial Castle – Later
        118 – Party of Welcome and Engagement
        119 – Hauria VS. Emperor -First Part-
        120 – Hauria VS. Emperor -Later-
        121 – Character Introduction
        122 – Transporting the Demi-humans
        123 – Night of Fair Bergen
        124 – Imitation

        This is the correct order going by the Raws. The reason for that is, the “Prologue” is “1” and not “0” going by the links. Now i need to fix things up. At least I translated the right ones. Only the numbers are wrong. More or less lucky? I guess.


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